Adelia Is Dead

when adelia was a young girl of 14 she gave in to temptation
and a 6 baby boy was all she had to show for the sensation
her daddy took them in his home but he laid down the law
and then late one moonless night, adelia was gone

and they said yeah
adelia is dead (and don't come back)

when adelia was 25 she met a man who showed her some affection
he was mixed up in the drug trade and he carried a 45 for their protection
they shot him at the front door of their run-down two room shack
and they burned the place down to the ground as adelia slipped out the back

and they said yeah 
adelia is dead (she had it comin')

after 20 years out on the streets, adelia started thinking 'bout redemption
she said lord soon i'm comin' home do you have a place for one with my afflictions

she saw that young boy in the road and that truck was bearin down
she threw her body in the way and it knocked her to the ground
they pulled the cryin baby boy from her broken arms
they said someone call a doctor now, but adelia was gone

and the good lord smiled

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright 2001 Emily's Music