Fillin' up a Hole

Everybodyís telling me that they know how to plant these flowers
No one really understands the reasons that they die
If carefully you fertilize, theyíll hopefully materialize in hours
But when I see those roots just wash away
To me itís no surprise

Iíve been fillin
I been fillin up a hole
Where there used to be a heart
Before you ripped it apart

Iíve been workin
Workin night and day
Til they put me away
Iíll be fillin up a hole

I fill it up, I top it off, I tamp it down, I pray for a shower
The kind that comes down soft and warm with a rainbow on the side
But every time I think of you my point view it turns a little sour
And my little prayer for soft and warm brings a torrent from the sky

If I were a miner and you asked if I could take you to the bottom
Youíd find a chasm there thatís ten miles deep and forty million wide
If the digging that you did to me it led to this insanity Iím sorry
If I fill this hole for the rest of my life, I wonít get you off of my mind

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright © 2004 Emily's Music