Give It All I Got

mama worked inside my head
as she cooked and cleaned and made the beds
sometimes i heard her late at night
when she knelt to say her prayers 

that i would be a good little girl
and make this place a better world
if only i could have a chance
at better luck than she

one life, someday 
to break the mold that momma made
one heart for the world to grind into dust

she watched the late show every night
she could not sleep, she was not right
imagination took her to 
where daddy used to be

he left her waiting at the door
the lonely woman walks the floor
he broke her heart, he broke the trust
then momma went away 

if it's bad luck
she believed in 
then i won't be what i'm not 
i'm gonna strap this old world on my back
and give it all i've got

there've been times with you and me
i feel the pain, i feel the need
i see my daddy in your eyes
and i know what momma meant

i'm workin' hard to do my best
to make my spirit pass the test
only time will fill this pit
that momma left in me

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright 2001 Emily's Music