Heartbreak Town

you say you're leaving at nine am
so come lay down on this bed
we've been talking the night away
but there's something left unsaid
as you travel from town to town
i've been waiting all these years
but i'm tired of being by myself
when you get back i won't be here

cause it's forever
in heartbreak town
let's give one night to the past
there's no together 
in heartbreak town
so let's try to make it last

i need somebody to comfort me
wipe away these tears i've shed
what good is money without you here
honey i'll take you instead
but if you're having a change of heart
just gently take my hand
and if i'm asking too much baby
don't say a word i'll understand

let's try to make it
let's try to make this one night last

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright 2001 Emily's Music