The Here and Now

Donít go talkin bout tomorrow
When I need you here tonight
Donít go livin like forever
Youíre gonna still be here by my side

Donít go thinkin bout the future
And say youíll never let me down
Why not move a little closer
Iím needin you in the here and now

When I was young I did 8 to 5
Workin hard to stay alive
And every day man the time did fly
As I earned that livin wage

And now sometimes its eight to eight
And you and me and the kids must wait
Savin up for some future date
Itís a heavy price we pay

You know weíre all runnin out of time
Just so long that weíre in our prime
Itís not clear where to draw the line
In this confusing day and age

Whereíd we get this notion from
A good life is lived on the run
we should be together and havin fun
and thatís why you hear me say

so pick your drink up lets have a toast
to the oneís who give the most
cause itís for sure youíll never hear them boast
of the progress that theyíve made

It doesnít matter what you say
itís only what youíve done today
give love and friendship along the way
and let the future come what may

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright © 2004 Emily's Music