Hear the Songs and read the Lyrics from our 2004 Release
"Memphis Limousine"


Memphis Limousine (mp3)    

Fillin' Up a Hole (mp3)    
Say Something (mp3)    
Down the Road from Paradise (mp3)    
Mary's Arms    
On Zero    
Struck By Lightning    
Here I Am    
The Mystery    
The Here and Now (mp3)   
Pompadour Haircut    
Love of My Life    
Here we are again with a new CD. This one has been in the works for three years and during that time a lot has happened. 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sad and serious times for us all. As always, the music sustains us.

You will hear some new sounds here that haven't been heard on the previous CDs. First and foremost, the Lee's Junction Big Band horns swinging out on Memphis Limousine! This is a song about being on the road with Elvis in 1955 when it was all beginning. While doing research for the song, I came across a website that said Elvis toured the south in a Caddy in 1955. The thought, "wouldn't it have been cool to be his driver", led to this song. Jan arranged the killer horn section and brought in our buddies from Lee's Junction to play. Imagine 15 guys in our little studio blasting away for a few beers! You will also hear a few other new instruments. Listen to see if you can hear the banjo, mandolin, 12 string, dobro, flute and lap steel.

There are songs here about the usual topics; losing, loving, longing, living, last chances and growing old. If you are interested in the lyrics, you can find them on our website at www.bdbonline.com. Elaine, Jan, Mark and I thank you for your interest in our music. Sharing the music with you in our CDs and live performances continues to be great fun!

-Paul Bromwell