Memphis Limousine

In my Memphis Limousine
Elvis had moves you never seen
we'd go cruising after dark
with scottie and bill and an old guitar
you could hear those women scream
making that rockabilly scene
we were riding along in my memphis limousine 

i was born a country boy just outside memphis
brought up on blues mixed with that country style
i had a caddy lined with chrome that shocked the senses
the pride of detroit, 1955

Now we hit the road that spring to head for texas
and everywhere elvis shook his knees he drew a crowd
but when he left the stage no one could find us
cause we were already shaking out of town

now the king said boy better keep that engine running
he said man those texas boys can sure get mean
now understand that i don't aim to get done in
cause some little texas girl takes a shine to me

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright 2004 Emily's Music