Out Of Her Life

every time that i see her
i feel a little pain in my heart
every time i can be with her
it fills the time we're apart

i can't give her my reasons
when she looks into my eyes
nothing else can compete with her
and now it all seems like lies

so i hang around this lonesome town
i'm in between the wrong and the right
when we gave up on you and i
i couldn't see me out of her life

i tried to tell you i need her
but that was over long ago
tried to tell you that i'm good for her
and then you struck another blow

you say you know what's best for her
and if i moved far away
maybe i'd stop confusing her
well not 'til my dying day

let's give three cheers for the native son
aren't we proud of what we have done
set them up for war we won
before we gave our souls away

so she knows i believe in her
i've watched her work through the pain
and she knows i'll be here for her
and that there's no one to blame

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright 2001 Emily's Music