Out Of Touch

i call you up
on the telephone
just to hear your voice
even if you're not home
you sound so sweet
but it's not the same
when i hear that tone
aint gonna leave my name

i get confused
when you're not there
i step outside
just to clear the air
but lookout now boy
i'm on the prowl
the hounds of hell 
they begin to howl

i'll tell you one thing, it just ain't right
to be left alone on this moonlit night
i need you here cause it's way too much
when i'm all in love and you're out of touch

i walk the streets
almost every night
and i think of you
though you're out of sight
with you i stand
and i must be strong
but without you here
there's something wrong

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright 2001 Emily's Music