Promised Land

i was working on a job that did not pay
had a pocket full of nothin' and a dream that said someday
there might be a way
that she would see that i'm better than i look
she said i didn't look like the kind of man who had what it took

will you stand by me when the others went
will you still be here when the money's spent
i said i'd give my soul just to pay your rent
then my eyes were opened wide when she said

baby welcome to the promised land
she said i don't know what you're looking for
but i'll give you all i can
when we're old and gray
i will still recall the day when she said
baby welcome to the promised land

we got married out upon the vegas strip
she was a dancer and the preacher said
she sure looks nice now how about a tip
we had no money and she asked me how i felt
'bout standin back stage on our honeymoon
as she slipped the dollars from her garter belt

as the years passed slowly by
i was still there by her side
and though time had to take it's toll
she was beautiful, i couldn't hide my pride

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright 2001 Emily's Music