Say Something

Say something sincere to me
Or shut your mouth boy and let me be
Give your best shot, make me believe
And if you do, you better walk the talk, or youíve seen the last of me 

Youíre talking in your mirror
talking in your sleep
might help to get your story straight
Before you start in on me 

youíre a man of action
Or so your story goes
never bother to explain
Why your lips donít match your toes 

found a new religion
Must have been last night
Speaking out to everyone you meet
Bout how youíve seen the light

give you my reaction
It may no seem fair
Iíve seen you here about once a week
So excuse me if  I donít care

You tell your endless stories
morning noon and night
always try to justify
how you never get it right

I get no satisfaction
But then you have no shame
You'll end up standing out in the street
With no one else to blame

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright © 2004 Emily's Music