Sensitive Men

he was born on a poor man's farm 
back in 1917
his daddy died on the argonne line
fighting for the things that he believed
he grew up fast momma needed a man
he broke his back keepin' up the land
and i say
are these not
sensitive men

he volunteered for the second war
it was 1942
they were fighting on some foreign shore
and he would see what he could do
faith and honor were his steady guide
he fought and prayed as his buddies died
and i say
are these not
sensitive men

his heroes wore white clothes
like cowboys and presidents
knowing right from wrong 
was what made him strong
life was hard work and common sense

now he's old and his blood runs cold
as he sees this modern age
when he was young, what was black and white
is now reduced to shades of gray
they pity him for his simple mind
he'll believe what he believes 'til the day he dies
and i say
are these not
sensitive men

Written by Paul Bromwell
Copyright 2001 Emily's Music