Through My Eyes

you grew up in this sleepy town
with a price upon your head
no one gave it a second thought
when they declared you chances dead
through the years there's been damage done
and now you're heart says the years have won
don't give up, don't become their lies
until you're seeing through my eyes

my eyes
it's the truth that i see
my eyes
see the tears that you bleed
my eyes
won't you try looking though 
my eyes
you were all that i need

in your world there's no place for dreams
it's a grind to stay alive
with no prayer for a saving grace
or it's holy power to revive
but that heart beating in your chest
would feel better now if you confessed
you still love though i'm not surprised
if you could see you through my eyes

and quietly she walks alone
and takes the long way to her home
in the hope that no one sees her there
she hurries on her way
sometimes she wants to be like them
with golden hair and lots of friends
sometimes she wants to hide away
and never see the light of day again

Written by Paul Bromwell and Elaine Diehl
Copyright 2001 Emily's Music